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HCG Drops – HCG Diet Plan Australia

What is Better Than Losing Weight?

How About Your First Week on a Diet Protocol?

Problems areas melt away and all the weight you want to lose just falls off your body. You are left being trim and fit.

Tired of Weight Loss Programs

That Promise But Give Nothing?

Tired of Broken Zippers and Love Handles?

Have Your Exercise Programs Just Make You Tired and Sore?

Don’t give up and feel like you are meant to be overweight and unhappy. Obesity and weight issues are not about overeating or even exercising. It is about changing metabolism and lifestyle. Hormone imbalances play a huge part in your inability to lose weight. Don’t give up. There is a solution.


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Jump start your metabolism and lose the weight you want and need to lose. HCG Drops have programs that you can practice whenever you want to get to your optimum weight. Watch weight melt off hips, your bottom, thighs or anywhere else you want to get rid of unsightly fat deposits. You won’t feel hungry on this protocol. Eat what you want, with no meal replacement and no strenuous exercises. You will need, however to cut down on calories!

Success Stories in Australia

This amazing weight loss program is the result of many years of weight loss studies and laboratory manipulation. The answer isn’t feeling hungry or craving sugar not it is exercise regimes that are difficult and just plain boring. Weight loss is trying this amazing product and losing kilos and centimeters almost immediately.

Homeopathic Drops taken on a daily basis trigger the release of the hormones that target the energy in sorted fat cells. Energy streams in to your blood with enough calories to keep you going all day. You will not feel hungry or lethargic. The energy in your abnormal fat cells is more than enough to keep you going even on the low-fat, low calorie diet that is the companion to HCG Drops.

Lose the weight, move into the maintenance phase then start increasing your calories to fit your body, weight and height. Eat healthy and your metabolism resets. You are now set to always eat healthy and enjoy a new energetic lifestyle.

Learn more about this product. Visit the shopping page, purchase the our program that best first your lifestyle and start losing weight today. Orders are shipped via Express Post.

Do read all about the research surrounding these drops before you start this program. You will be amazed at the studies and results documented in testimonials.

Love you who will be. Simply follow the instructions. Remember: there are no short cuts to this program. You will also receive tremendous support from our customer service department and our medical staff. Let us know about your successes with HCG Drops. You might just be one of our featured testimonials!

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HCG Diet Plans in Australia

Using HCG Drops and the low calorie diet gives your body the necessary ingredients to lose your target kgs per day. Your metabolism will resent, and a new regime of health begins.

  • Anyone who is looking to lose weight can use this protocol. Do contact your physician, however to insure that you are healthy enough to use this product. Mothers who are pregnant or nursing should not take HCG Drops.
  • Most diet plans take months to see results. You can use it for 23 days, rest for three days and see results. There are different plans that are designed to be shorter or longer depending on your weight loss goals.
  • Do not use high calorie burning exercises like running, aerobics or weight lifting. Lighter exercises like walking, yoga, Pilates or light resistance training keeps up your strength. Over exercising can cause your body to go into starvation mode.
  • This diet allows your hypothalamus to utilize the fat from abnormal fat storage locations in your body. You are eating very small amounts of calories, but your hypothalamus is continually releasing the fat stored in your body. You utilize thousands of calories a day, burn off the fat in unsightly cells, and lose weight.

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  • Eating a low calorie diet on a daily basis without this product will cause you to lose normal fat reserves. After these reserves are depleted, your body will begin to work on the abnormal fat stores. You will feel weak, hungry, muscles will ache, and your face begins to show signs of unhealthy fat loss and your damage to internal organs can be a risk.
  • Go about your daily duties while on the HCG Drops and 500 a day calorie diet. The first few days you might experience hunger pains, but by the second week the Drops are circulating in your body and abnormal fat stores are being consumed. Your appetite decreases and hunger pangs are no longer felt. This is due to your hypothalamus regulating your metabolic rate. It is also due to the amount of calories flowing in your system.
  • Headaches can be a slight problem the first week on this protocol. Simply take aspirin for relief.
  • The amount of weight you lose will vary depending on your body type, adherence to the diet and whether or not you follow the set protocols.
  • You are not required to exercise while using this product. You can lose more weight, but being on a 500 a day diet can make you exhausted. This causes discouragement and confusion. Walk around the block or through the park. This will help prevent stress, keep your digestive and cardiovascular system working and help with blood and oxygen circulation.
  • These are very safe for men and women alike. Men tend to have better results and lose weight much faster than women. The hormones found are naturally manufactured in men which gives men a boost in the weight loss category.
  • This product is very safe. This diet protocol has been used for many years and does not have unsafe chemicals added in the formula. Using these drops, you will have enough calories to function; your abnormal fat stores are being used and you are losing weight.
  • This will not interfere with birth control medications, but if you are pregnant do not use this diet protocol. Your body naturally produces hormones that use up abnormal fat reserves while you are pregnant. You do need to eat well to maintain the health of your body and your baby.
  • Do not be alarmed that you will have changes in your menstrual cycle. The amount of the regulating hormone is so small that it will not cause any problems to menstrual cycles.

As you finish, you can begin adding more calories to your diet. Your appetite has changed while on this diet and you may not want to eat as many calories are you previously ate. Add what is comfortable and keep your energy level high. Start a healthy new lifestyle to maintain the healthy weight levels you have achieved. What a great outlook on life you now experience!

HCG Diet Protocol

  • With HCG diet plan for weight loss, it is likely to experience:
  • Wonderful fat loss in record time
  • Reduce up to 7 pounds of extra fat in only 2-3 months duration
  • Excessive abnormal fat accumulates from hard to lose spots just like your thighs and stomach whereas protecting your muscle.
  • Revitalize and boosts up the level of metabolism so that it can become easy to keep fat down in long run.
  • No urge for hunger
  • Boosts up vitality and energy level
  • Real HCG, as suggested by Dr. Simeons in his genuine protocol

Common Reviews for HCG Diet

Before conducting a personal research on HCG diet plan, you need to pursue these below-mentioned steps:

Conduct Some Worthy Research: Prior to initiation of the course, carry out some comprehensive and quantitative research to properly ascertain all about this plan. There are lots of articles and reviews accessible over the internet. It would be quite supportive if you are well familiar with what you are dealing with.

Be Prepared Emotionally and Mentally: Weight loss is just about like a dream when we are overweight. However, you should be emotionally prepared for all sorts of obstacles and challenges that may come your way. The ultimate path to achieve an ideal figure is not always smooth and straight. Keep in mind that you have to give up your over-eating habits with an intention to be successful in successfully meeting your objectives.

Just Enjoy and Stop Worrying: Evade and relaxed the opportunities that might get you entire worry. Stop imagining about the adversities you would come across throughout the course of this plan. Just remain joyful and be concentrated on your goal. Have a dream of the diet results so that you would be stimulated and passionate enough to pursue the diet.

What Can Eat and What Can’t

HCG diet permits you to take two meals on daily basis, lunch and dinner. These regular meals consist of fruits, 1-2 bread slices, green vegetables and protein enriched food.  

Grilled, steamed or boiled chicken, beef, veal, fish, shrimp or crab until or unless you don’t consume any food filled with visible fat. No pickled fish, eel, salmon, herring are permitted.

One piece of Melba toast or breadstick or a plain bread slice

If we talk about fruit, you can select for an amount of strawberries, apple or half a grapefruit. This permits you as much tea, coffee, water as you desire in combination with a tablespoon of milk on daily basis.

You can use numerous substitutes of sugar to sweet food items like drinks, coffee, tea etc. Vegetable Oil and pure synthetic butter are not permitted.

Guidelines For HCG Diet

Drinking Lots of Water: Water plays an imperative part in proper functioning of human body. You should hydrate your body with minimum 3-5 water gallons throughout this part of HCG diet. Drinking lots of water on daily basis assists in removing extra toxins out of your body.

Work Out: Throughout the loading phase, it is quite useful to your if you agitate yourself out and adopt a bit workout routine regularly. You can begin by walking for minimum one hour on regular basis.

Eat Healthy: The initial phase permits you to eat each and everything; you should prefer those foods that are enriched in health advantages. A breadstick or apple on daily basis specifically for the initial two days of loading phase of schedule will not only undertake to support you reduce weight but can also keep you slim and smart.